Gain insight on what content performs the best, how the follower base develops and what channels work to attract new followers.

Measure audience engagement

Track open and completion rates over time to identify spikes and drops in engagement level.

Engagement on storylevel

Track screenshots, replies and when viewers drop off to optimise the length and flow of your stories.

Scheduled Publishing

Create and schedule stories to be automatically posted.

User Generated Content

Capture incoming snaps and repost them as your story.

Automated Analytics

Detailed insights on story and account performance.

Targeting Market

You can relay on our amazing features list and also our customer services.

Story Monitoring

Monitor stories on Snapchat and Instagram by users and hashtags.

Industry Benchmarks

Compare your ratios with industry benchmarks.

Auto Forward

Post stories from multiple sources without being logged out.


Create custom reports and export data as a CSV file.

Permission Management

Create teams with granular permissions and access.

Messaging (beta)

Reply and message your followers on Snapchat.

API Access

Connect to Snaplytics through our API with full feature access.

Team Collaboration

Enable creators, managers and analysts to collaborate seamlessly.